PureMed Memobliss

Selling point

  • A French formulation.
  • Clinically proven botanical extracts mix.
  • Relieve emotional syndromes, such as mood swings and stress.
  • Improve memory and cognitive performance.
  • Added with prebiotic G.O.S. to enhance food digestion and nutrients absorption.
  • Free of Fat, Low in Sugars, Source of Dietary Fibre.

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Product Name

PureMed MemoBliss Botanical Beverage Mix

Packing Size

30 sachets /box, 5g /sachet

Active Ingredients

  • Safr’InsideTM (Saffron stigma extract) – 15mg
  • French grape extract & Wild Blueberry extract – 300mg
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) 27% – 1g

Recommended Dosage

  • Adults: 2 sachets daily after meal.
  • Children: 1 sachet daily after meal.
  • Mix with 150mL to 200mL chill water, stir well to be consumed.

Suitable for

  • Elderly
  • Working adults with hectic daily schedule
  • Postnatal mothers with poor memory.
  • Students (7 years and above)
  • Active athletes.

Cognitive Management

  • Consume more polyphenol antioxidants food to improve cognitive function.
  • Get adequate sleep accordingly to improve brain neuroprotective.
  • Regular physical activity to promote blood circulation and brain cells synaptic plasticity.