PureMed Grucowel


Health Benefits

  • Antioxidants act as “free-radical scavengers”.
  • Overall body health.

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Product Name

PureMed Grucowel

Packing Size

60 vegetal capsules x 508mg x bottles

Each Capsule Contains

Fructus Momordica Charantia Extract 250mg
Cortex Cinnamomum Cassia Extract 100mg
Fructus Euterpe Oleracea Extract 100mg
Fructus Ceratonia Siliqua 50mg

How Grucowel Works?

Bitter Melon

  • Contains Flavonoids
  • High antioxidant properties prevent free radicals’ generation


  • Contains Cinnamaldehyde
  • Traditionally use as spice for general health

Carob Fruit

  • Contains D-pinitol
  • Traditional Ayurvedic herb for health-promoting benefits and normal metabolism

Acai berry

  • Contains Polyphenol
  • Promote antioxidant defence and lower oxidative stress

Carob tree and D-pinitol

  • Carob tree, a species of flowering evergreen tree in the pea family
  • D-pinitol is the naturally occurring compound found in the pods of carob tree

Who Are Recommended to Take Grucowel

  • People with poor eating habits
  • People who wish to maintain a healthy body
  • People who seldom exercise
  • Elderly

The Advantages of Grucowel

  • 4-in-1 natural Ayurvedic formulation to support general wellbeing
  • All the ingredients are plant origin, suitable for vegetarian
  • Usefulness of the ingredients were tested in various researches
  • Added with D-pinitol to further enhance antioxidant functions.


Adult: Take 2 capsules once daily after meal.
This is a traditional medicine. Please consult your pharmacist/doctor before taking this product. Shall not be used in pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Stored below 30°C. Protect from light and moisture. Keep out of reach of children.

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