Suitable For

  1. Suitable for those who have difficulty in sleeping, limited time for sleep.
  2. Workers
  3. Students
  4. Artist
  5. Sport Person
  6. All people who need stress management

Item Description
Product Name PureMed EZ Rest
Packing Size 15 sachets x 2g
  • VENETRON Extract (Apocynum Venetum)
  • Indian Valerian Extract
  • Jatamansi (Rhizome Powder)
  • Valerian (Root Powder)


  1. For a start: Consume every night before sleep for 10 days.
  2. Subsequently: Consume every other night or when necessary only.
  3. Mix 1 sachet into 50ml of lukewarm water or direct consume before sleep.


  1. Stimulant Free
  2. 100% pure and natural ingredient ( source from herbal essence and flower essence)
  3. Patented Ingredient with clinical studies
  4. EZ-REST functional ingredients aims to reduce the oxidative stress through the high concentration of polyphenol that is normally lacking in the current diet.
  5. Clinically Proven - Out of 50 set of samples given out to 50 random patients 37 patients commented onimprovement of sleep quality and/or shortening time of falling asleep and/or longer sleeping periods after consuming 10 sachets.
  6. Safe for long term consumption without any side effect